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Cultural Trends

Why Culture is Critical to Our Agency Success

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On Monday mornings, I enjoy my elevator ride up to the Powerhouse office space with my co-workers: a brightly-tattooed music lover, a trendy dressed fashion blogger, a Star Wars T-shirt-wearing gamer and a fitness-focused mother of three. It’s the perfect reminder of how the Powerhouse culture is unique.

When we launched back in February, I was asked time and time again to describe the culture at the new brand-building agency.  At first, I explained that we are encouraged to dress casually (sweatshirts are welcome); we can crack open a beer with no judgment (in afternoon meetings, of course); no one has an actual job title (make one up if a situation calls for it) and we can “work from Mars,” if that’s where we produce our best work.

This description is accurate, but it’s not how I would explain our agency culture if asked today. Now Read More

Wherefore art thou tweet?

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Data can be fun and engaging, don’t laugh! It can spill out of your analysts cave, and help you optimize not only your business but also your enjoyment. Yes I just said “optimize enjoyment”, like enjoyment is a mathematical problem that has an optimal solution. So the ruse is up, you’ve caught me red handed, I’m guilty of being a data nerd. I openly confess to using data in my personal life to help make decisions, and I’m willing to bet that you do too. The trick for analysts, like myself, is to tame ugly wild data and dress it up all fancy. This is how we fool the non data nerds into unknowingly using data to help decide what to do or where to eat.

As an example of data improving personal experiences and helping inform decision making we need look no further than Cincinnati’s own MidPoint Music Festival (MPMF). Not even your most informed, music snob, hipster friend is familiar with all the indie bands that perform at MPMF. I’m enthralled with experiencing new culture, but with multiple stages and a lineup including such bands as “Grizzly Bear” and “Machines Are People Too”, I didn’t know where to begin. Suddenly I’m paralyzed. What if I watch band X but all the good people watching opportunities are happening with the crowd at band Z’s performance? Read More


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When you ask any sneakerhead about his most prized shoe, two things are likely to come up:

First you’ll hear all of the intricacies and details about the shoe itself. Why one release is better or worse than another. Who scored how many points in what game. If it’s a retro. He might even do some quick math to tell you how old he was when the OG released, and on and on and on.

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Helping Brands Become The Best Themselves They Can Be

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Regardless of size, many brands today are challenged with leveraging their own unique points of differentiation. I’m not referring to a bulleted list of items on a marketing strategy sheet, though. They lack the ability to tap into their own internal expertise or stockpile of knowledge and use it to tell a relevant and meaningful story. That story becomes the baseline for content a brand publishes. As online content continues to make significant strides in helping brands get found (SEO + social + content), focused content is critical.

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Real Time Marketing: Less Thinking More Doing

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David Merman Scott strongly advocates that brands take advantage of Real Time marketing in today’s consumer-driven landscape. There are plenty of cases as to why this approach, whether proactive or reactive, can help a brand avert disaster, or even launch itself into relevancy. Either way, it’s about generating attention around what’s going on this instant and doing something about it.

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