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Powerhouse and 21c Museum Hotel Bring Back ‘Flooded’ Exhibition

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Fans of music and art alike will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening featuring the intersection of both at the second annual installment of Flooded, a gig poster exhibition. The free exhibit — a collaboration by 21c Museum Hotel, Powerhouse Factories, Josh Mattie of the Contemporary Arts Center and other regional screen printers — highlights the art of hand-crafted, screen printed show posters. The exhibition returns for a special, single night engagement at 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati on September 19 in the 2nd Floor Main Gallery after its’ well-received inaugural show in 2013. Read More

‘Roo Roundup—Observing Trends and Culture at Bonnaroo Music Festival

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We left the shop at 4 a.m., easing the RV onto the interstate in the dark and headed south. With our poster tubes, prints and a piñata in tow, we were officially Bonnaroo bound.

For seven years we’ve made the flatstock festival rounds, slangin’ prints and merch at music fests like SXSW, Bonnaroo, Forecastle, Bunbury, Pitchfork and MidPoint Music Festival.  We travel to these events not only to sell our wares, but to stay in tune with and immersed in a music scene that is distilled in its purest form in these highly charged environments. Read More

Inked—Printing the Cover for Latest Issue of PRINT Magazine

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At Powerhouse Factories, we believe in the spirit of collaboration. No matter the project, we know that mashups of competing perspectives often yield the best work. So when Ronson Slagle, an art director for PRINT and HOW Magazines, stopped by the Powerhouse Factories poster shop and expressed interest in collaborating with us for the cover of PRINT Magazine’s June issue, we jumped on it. Read More

Different and Relevant—Crafting Our Company Culture with Screen Printing 101

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At Powerhouse Factories, we’re proud of our roots in the art of printmaking, or more specifically, screen printing. More than a decade ago, I was learning printmaking and design in a formal education setting, while simultaneously forging a path of my own making rock posters for my favorite bands. Back then, we built our own equipment, using whatever we had available to us. At the time, we scrounged up odds and ends, fashioning our own light tables, drying racks and printing stations. Our creative process was one of trial and error rather than a practiced and perfected science. We were in pursuit of something different, something real and something exciting. We didn’t really know where it would lead, but we knew that it was important, worthwhile and, most importantly, relevant.

Now as a full-fledged brand-building agency, we harness what we know from living and working at the intersection of pop culture and counterculture to help clients. Read More

Make Something—Or, How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love Design at OFFF Cincinnati

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Preface: Alright, this is going to be tough. For those that know me, you know that talking is easy and writing is hard. I’m a visual talker—I use my hands and a liberal slathering of expletives. For those that don’t: imagine a whirlwind of arms and (even more) curse words as you read this. Here we go!

In its third installment, I have again left OFFF Cincinnati—an international tour of the Barcelona-based design festival—feeling more inspired, less talented and filled with the need to do better and make cooler shit.

The day of international speakers sharing their point of view on the intersection of contemporary art and digital technology felt more like a conversation than your standard speaking engagement. There were plenty of nods in agreement and sighs indicating thoughts of, “Where did I go wrong with my life?” I’ve never really taken notes during talks (always been a bad student) but there were so many things I didn’t want to forget I was scribbling them down despite it being pitch black in the auditorium. Below are some of my musings on what I thought was most important from the day and demonstrates a clear change in the direction of where the design community is headed.

Read More