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What Makes A Good Poster . . . Good?

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It’s long been argued in the poster community that the measure of a successful poster is how well it communicates the relevant show information like title, date, location, and anything else deemed important to the viewer.  I mean really, what is the reason for a poster if not to present information to someone in an effort to move them to some specific action?

Some will go so far as to say that if you can’t read the poster from a distance, it is an entirely unsuccessful poster.  Period.  But, what about the conceptual content of the poster?  Does that make a good poster….good?  Or conversely, what if you can read the information a mile away but the poster doesn’t tell a story or engage the viewer?  That can’t be good, can it?

If you ask me, the conceptual concept should draw the viewer in – then once you’ve earned their Read More

Everybody Has A Type

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We recently attended Nikki Villa Gomez’s AIGA design conference lecture titled “How Culture Affects Typography.” Villa Gomez, a graphic designer from Cleveland, authors a blog called “culture + typography: a blog about how culture can affect typography.”

Nikki’s passion for typography and ability to be inspired by things around her intrigued us. Her blog compares the ways various cultures use typography. For instance, a subway sign in New York is very different from one in London. The Cincinnati Zoo’s signage is very different from the signage at the Bronx Zoo. That seems to make sense, but have you ever thought about why? What makes a sign fit in and feel like it’s Read More


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When you ask any sneakerhead about his most prized shoe, two things are likely to come up:

First you’ll hear all of the intricacies and details about the shoe itself. Why one release is better or worse than another. Who scored how many points in what game. If it’s a retro. He might even do some quick math to tell you how old he was when the OG released, and on and on and on.

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